Helpful Holiday Photo Timeline

Spread out your holiday to-do list to keep your sanity

As the holidays continue to creep farther into the fall months, here is a timeline to help plan out all your holiday events to ensure they don’t overwhelm you.  

  • October – The best month to let Jenn know you will be wanting to schedule family photos soon, and get a list of availability 
  • Oct 18th – Marvel at how there are Christmas decorations for sale already at Costco.
  • Oct 25th – Last day to book your family portrait session to ensure a stress free session and plenty of time to send holiday cards
  • Oct 30th – Buy the necessary amount of candy for Halloween.
  • Oct 31st – Prepare for the candy monsters knocking on your door.
  • Nov 1st – As an adult, you are allowed to splurge on candy you like… go to the store to buy your favorite kind.. on clearance!
  • Nov 4th – Shed a tear for eating all the remaining “good” candy in the house.
  • Nov 8th – Have your holiday photo session completed at a local park or your home.
  • Nov 11th – Volunteer to make part of the Thanksgiving potluck at work.
  • Nov 19th – Make the dish you are bringing to the Thanksgiving potluck at work.
  • Nov 20th – Don’t pack a lunch, you have all-day-long pot luck at work.
  • Nov 22nd – Place your order for Holiday Cards with Jennifer McNeil Photography
  • Nov 23rd – Go to the stores you will visit on Black Friday, learn the layout, sales and opening times.  Compare discounts and offers to combine and get the best deal.
  • Nov 24th – Defrost the turkey for the massive meal tomorrow.
  • Nov 26th – Thanksgiving, make a fantastic meal. Since you host, you go to a relative’s for Christmas or Hanukkah.
  • Nov 27th – Black Friday – Buy presents for friends and family.  Since you did your recon trip earlier in the week, you know where everything is and get in and out in under 30 minutes for each store you visit.  Be sure to buy a generic gift for a gift exchange, if you plan it right it could be one of your free with purchase gifts for the Black Friday sales.
  • Nov 28th – Wrap all your presents with ribbons, boxes and bags.
  • Dec 4th – Take out all your holiday decorations from storage.
  • Dec 5th – Put up Christmas/Hanukkah Lights and decorations.
  • Dec 6th – Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with friends and family.
  • Dec 7th – Your family holiday cards arrive from the printer
  • Dec 9th – Purchase stamps, update addresses of relatives and prepare your holiday cards to be mailed.
  • Dec 10th – Mail your holiday cards
  • Dec 12-16 – Your holiday cards are received by friends and family.
  • Dec 19-23rd – Relax, you have this all covered now.
  • Dec 24th – Christmas eve, bake cookies for Santa and have carrots for his reindeer.  Don’t forget to take the presents out from hiding and put them under the tree.
  • Dec 25th – See the joy of your family’s surprise as they open their presents. Receive compliments on how beautiful your family photos and holiday cards are this year and recommend Jennifer McNeil Photography to them.
  • Dec 27th – Take down Christmas decorations.

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