Protect your lens with a filter + Lenspen

Protect your lens with a filter and improve your photo’s color too!

Most photographers have a bag full of lenses, memory cards and manuals.  There are two other must-have items that you should have to protect your camera and produce spot free photos.

UV Filter

Broken_FilterThe UV filter screws onto the front portion of your lens. Since lens sizes are different consult your lens to find a number followed by mm, this is not the zoom distance but rather the diameter of your lens opening in the front.  Make sure you get the proper size when you order you UV filter.  Filters come in all types and manufactures, the most important part is that you have one on there to protect the actual lens glass from water, dust and scratches.  If you drop your lens and hits on the filter, you replace at $30-$50 small piece of glass. If the actual glass within the lens then you have to spend $300-$500 to fix or purchase a new lens. You can easily see just how important that little protector piece of glass and metal can be.

UVFIlterComparisonThe added bonus of this UV Filter is that it will eliminate harsh UV rays from entering your camera and washing out the image on the sensor. The images will be more colorful and with deeper rich colors.  See the comparison to the right to see the difference.  The image to the left is without a UV filter, the image to the right has the UV filter applied to it.  It is amazing how the UV haze gets eliminated from the original image.  There are other filters to use if you get interested in this area.  There are circular polarizer filters that will eliminate super bright sun reflections.  Neutral density filters will assist with the contrast of your photos to bring down the high brights of clouds and light colors and allow you to have the aperture open longer to capture the light.


Lenspen_1When it comes to cleaning the front of your lens there is no better tool than a lens pen.  It is softer than your cotton shirt, removes finger prints easier and can even brush dust off instead of spread it around.  One side is a soft brush to get the big dust particles off the lens.  The other side is a microfiber type material that removes smudges, oil, finger prints etc. I have more than one lens pens with me for any given photo session. You can’t ever have too many.  Order them from your local store or on Amazon for around $10 per pen.  Don’t let dust and fingerprints ruin your images.

With these two inexpensive items you will be better prepared for the unexpected when taking photos on your own.  And when you need a professional photography, please give me a call at (714) 568-7533 or e-mail me

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